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dinsdag 18 augustus 2009

the Qlippoth and the twelve Princes

In the Qlippoth there are twelve Princes and demonic rulers to each month of the year and astrological signs. The witch who seeks to use them within an initiatory focus may do so within the connection of the lunar month attributes (sign, moon tides, etc) with the features of the Luciferian Patron Daemon of that

In the Qlippoth there are twelve Princes and demonic rulers to each month of the year and astrological signs. The witch who seeks to use them within an initiatory focus may do so within the connection of the lunar month attributes (sign, moon tides, etc) with the features of the Luciferian Patron Daemon of that particular month. There is within the center over the Twelve Luciferian Princes four patron demons which are crowned by the Type of the Adversary – Samael – Asmodai.

When seeking to explore the patron spirits of the months, visualize a sphere with the color associated, you may create a sigil which holds attributes of the deific forms of the month. Enter slowly the sphere you visualize. In the primal darkness of Chasek the Adept by Will-Desire-Belief creates his/her own world through ensorcelling desire and by overcoming the obstacles creates the belief to manifest that desire in the material world. One should ponder on the process and connection of spirit – mind – body and the interplay of Magick and Sorcery to achieve it.

Capricorn (Dec.22 – Jan. 19) Active Earth

Dagdagiron – Manifests in the form of devouring fish, color – Red. Represents leadership, strength, ambition and materialism. Use this sphere to align thought with the attributes of Dagdagiron. Holds attributes to Belial and Savar.

“In the darkness of my mind I create all foundations of thought becoming action. I invoke the ancient spirits in the darkest waters, arising from the roaring oceans illuminated by the Black Flame can I see my potential as it was. When one becomes a
vessel for the void, then the mind made afire by the gifts of the fallen makes one the center of the Religion of Zohak. I walk unto the shore, with the lusts of this world at my command, Dagdagiron may serve my Will accordingly.”

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb.17) Fixed Air

Behemiron – It is said the arms were derived from Behemoth, considered beasts in the form of Hippopotamus – Elephants with their skin spread flat like a cockroach. Color- black-brown.

The fallen Lucifugum angels transformed by blackened fire – formless when in motion, they reside around the practitioner of the Luciferian Rites, the Adept may devour aspects of their shadow to grow in astral or spiritual strength. The Luciferian stays grounded in the here and now, the physical plane, while balancing a spiritual focus which strengthens earthly results. Here is the Mind of Akoman awakened in the Adept – the use of reason itself.

“The fall brings an awakening. No mindless bliss, intense burning and then calm. In spirit by the dream I may go forth, drinking and devouring Anghuya, drawing it within the circle of being. The Behemiron are not bound by conventional flesh, they exist in the caverns of darkness, going forth in the night by the winds of the astral plan. Do not allow yourself to be absorbed by the impotent slaves of the all absorbing light, cast your mind away from this sickness of spirit.”

Pisces (Feb. 18 – Mar. 19) Mutable Water

Neshimiron – Hideous demon women, skeleton like, united with the bodies of serpents. Color – watery blue

Inward emotion, introspection and the understanding of emotions – exploring emotions and learning to control them. Nocturnal desires, the daughters of Lilith born in her caves in Hell, wherein she creates and consumes life. Explore your sexual desires, elements which pique your interest, seek to understand why. Use your hearing to observe the behaviors of others, learn to listen. Watch their motions, their tone of voice – how do they sound, what are they really trying to say? When evoking or entering the sphere of Neshimiron, focus on the color of the demonesses, seek the element of water which may be formed. Recall the essence of Az, flowing blood.

“Entering the caves, entering the cold, flowing water. The blue illuminated by the light of torches quickly turns black with blue illuminations underneath. No need to breathe, no need to panic. Going deeper the Neshimiron come forth – they move as if they are not in water, so natural, quick and flowing. They speak words of desire to you, yet they are demonic in form. They know your deep desires, they whisper to you. Listen well to what they tell you. Do not ignore their words, they can be a mediator for your darkest points of the mind.”

Aries (Mar. 20 – April 19) Active Fire

Bairiron – Dragon-Lion beast derived from Samael, color – black.

The Bairiron are fire demons who were given form by Samael, the Prince of the Fallen Angels. They arelike the Djinn, just as Samael is both darkness (air – dark matter) and Fire (air allows fire to be, to spread)these demons are active, violent in motion and very courageous. The Bairiron are guides of manifestation, of what you can achieve if you only try.

“In the circle of fire in the depths of a spring night evoke the Bairiron, these demons composed of fire shall further inspire what you wish to achieve. They will stir the Black Flame within, it echos to their call. The knowledge you have gained will feed these flames further. You may create what you wish in the world of flesh by action in motion. Let stasis not overcompensate for your lack of Will to achieve. Simply act with thought and expect results. In this forge of flames does Cain transform the blood of his victim into the blade of war, that he can go forth with his children and manifest the Will of Samael, his father.”

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Fixed Earth

Adimiron – Lion-Lizards color - yellow and gray.
“Awakening in the darkness of the earth, worms around my face as I gasp for breath I can feel something within growing stronger. I seek to awaken in this flesh and claw my way to the surface. I seek to take smell the night air, to imagine the thrilland emotion of the hunt. This world can be ours, those who drink of the ecstasies of darkness.”

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) Mutable Air

Tzelladimion – Savage and triangular headed dog like beasts, color – bronze and crimson.

“The Luciferian spirit lives in all cultures, the name and face may change but our spirit remains always. Legion is only the beginning. The dark air, that born from northern winds is that element of which we ride, our steed and messenger. All curses,
blessings and devouring servitors go forth in this way. To humanity do the fallen ones ride in the form of wraiths, night hunger and the thirst for human blood and spirit. Our element may be formed according to Will. In the dream should you understand that all can be created or equally destroyed. All is subject to change, applying the foundation of the Art of Chioa, to make the
physical world you desire flesh.”

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) Active Water

Schechiriron – reptile, insect and shellfish, demon faced. Color – black.

“We transform by the deepest desires of the spirit, that which sleeping below. In continual motion do we arise, yet transform again. Our hunger is eternal, as is the fire within each. We are the serpents which arise in your flesh.”

Leo (July 23 – Aug 22) Fixed Fire

Shelhabiron – Merciless and vicious wolves and jackals, see connections with Yatuk Dinoih and such spirits of Ahriman. Color, fiery yellow.

“The spirit of the dev-wolf is but our shadow form, offered to us from Ahriman, our father and mind bringer. Within all isthe beast, to awaken it and control it is a path to self-deification. All wolves answer the call of Ahriman, to master theinstinct and focus ones desires leads to strength and the spirit eternal.”

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) Mutable Earth

– partially living yet decaying corpses, undead and shades in flesh. Druj Nasu in YatukDinoih. color, earth.

“Physical death is a reality of the flesh, yet death is just one stage. Druj Nasu grows strong in the body of the living, is made a
compliment to those initiated upon the path of the Adversary, when one enters the darkened path does Druj Nasu make hertemple in the spirit and flesh. Her sadness is physical death, wherein the spirit moves beyond the veil but stronger with herblessing. Druj Nasu begets the devouring maggots through her form of the Fly. Respect the cycle of death and rebirth, for in Predatory Spiritual ecstasy in Druj Nasu found.”

Libra (Sept. 23 – October 22) Active Air

Obiriron – Gray bloated goblins, color – clouds.

“The fallen do not stay that way; they emerge and move about this very world, invisible to the unawakened eye. Be as one of the fallen, a spirit will then join in your flesh to make you stronger. Your spirit by the dream must be as a cloud, ever moving, seeking and devouring. Do not fail to experience that which may open your mind. See the direction of your design by focus and will, stray not from the path ever sought by the adverse.”

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) Fixed Water

Necheshethiron – Devilish human headed insects, color, copper.

“Do not rest so long that you may forget your strength and determination. Rest long enough to move again upon the path of storms. In the flame of the Adversary can you become a source itself. In the depths of Leviathan’s lair can silence bring restbit, then the hunger to emerge again.”

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) Mutable Fire

Nachashiron – Dog headed serpents, colors of serpents.

“The flame of inspiration, of movement and manifestation by a voice of compelling order, is the spirit of adversarialmanifestation. Let your voice be as the serpent, guiding, intelligent and fresh air to those who are chained by stasis. Let the fire
spread to all who would fan its flames. Let the serpent slither into the souls of those who would receive it. Let your voice command the order of your desires.”

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